A Shipping Container Playhouse

stacked container house

Do you want your playhouse to stand out from the rest? If so, consider housing it in a shipping container. It may sound unconventional, but using a shipping container as the base for your playhouse offers numerous benefits. Not only is it more transformable than a traditional playhouse, but it also has a unique appearance and is highly durable.

Here are the major advantages of housing your playhouse in a shipping container:


10 foot shipping containersShipping containers are renowned for their durability and strength, making them an excellent choice for playhouses. Constructed from steel or aluminum, these containers are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and can be easily modified to meet your design needs. Whether you’re building a small playhouse or a large mansion-style structure, a shipping container provides the strength and durability to keep your children safe while they play.

The exterior walls of the container are made of strong steel material that protects from wind, rain, snow, and other outdoor elements. The containers can also be customized to include windows, doors, and ventilation systems to ensure safe play in any weather.

Easy Transformation

modern shipping container homeOne of the key benefits of using a shipping container for your playhouse is its ease of transformation. You start with a standard container that comes in 10, 20 or 40-foot lengths. Then, it’s possible to completely transform a shipping container in a matter of days at a lower cost than building a traditional playhouse from scratch.

Basic DIY knowledge is all that is needed, and creativity can flow freely with the endless design possibilities offered by a shipping container.

Low Maintenance

Shipping containers require minimal maintenance, making them a practical choice for housing your playhouse. They only require occasional painting to prevent rust and corrosion. The corrugated steel sides are strong enough to withstand harsh weather conditions, eliminating the need for worry about damage from storms or high winds.

Moreover, shipping containers are made of metal and do not need to be treated with fire-retardant chemicals, which can be toxic, like wooden playhouses. Housing your playhouse in a shipping container results in lowered maintenance costs.

Easily Transportable

container deliveryShipping containers provide a versatile, secure, and cost-effective solution for your playhouse, with the added bonus of being easily transportable. Designed to be transported by land, air, and sea, shipping containers can be moved wherever and whenever needed with ease.

This means that you do not have to worry about dismantling or rebuilding your playhouse if you move. Simply pack up your container and move it with you.

The portability of shipping containers is especially useful for people living in areas that experience frequent natural disasters. They are designed to be wind and water-resistant, keeping your playhouse safe in extreme circumstances. Additionally, they can be quickly and easily relocated to a safe space until it is safe to return.


shipping container cabinHousing your playhouse in a shipping container is also a cost-effective option for homeowners. It is durable, low maintenance, and long-lasting, with little need for additional building materials or construction costs.

With insulation, shipping containers remain cost-effective for energy use during winter months, maintaining a consistent temperature and reducing heat loss.

If the need arises to repurpose the shipping container, it is also cost-effective as there is no need to rebuild the structure. Simply gut the interior and install it for the new use. This is a great option as the space can be transformed to match your child’s growth and development. There can also be space dedicated to learning materials and recreational activities, inspiring creativity.

Furthermore, when your child outgrows the playhouse, it can be easily converted into a hobby or game room that suits their taste.

If you’re interested in a container for your playhouse, you can get a free cost estimate here.