High Cube Containers

A High Cube container is a stackable, standardized, metal container similar to all shipping containers. The main difference is it stands 9'6" tall versus a standard container which is 8'6". This gives increased cubed footage. They're most commonly available in 20 or 40 foot lengths.

high cube containers

Popular High Cube Container Uses

The additional internal space of a high cube container makes them ideal for all types of storage, but particularly larger items. Below are a few common uses.

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Available Container Sizes

High cube containers have a few primary sizes with the 20-foot and 40-foot options being the most common.

A Guide to High Cube Containers

shipping container interiorThe high-cube container is a special kind of shipping container known for its higher internal height compared to conventional containers. While traditional containers have 8 foot 6 in height, high-cube containers have additional vertical space and are 9 feet and 6 inches. The additional size makes them suitable for transporting large items and goods that require stacking and maximizing the available space.

Key Features of High Cube Containers

High cube containers are a mix of many of the features that are found in conventional containers. However, their most distinctive feature is their greater height. They are usually constructed of robust steel and come with weather-proofing features to guarantee the security of the contents; as with their counterparts in the standard category, high cube containers can be found in different sizes, such as the 20-foot and 40-foot options, to meet diverse shipping needs.

Advantages of Using High Cube Containers

  1. More Cargo Capacity: high-cube container height permits greater storage capacity, making them ideal for heavy items or vertical stacking.
  2. Flexible Cargo Kinds: The containers can be adaptable and carry many cargo types, including vehicles, machinery, Construction materials, and much more.
  3. Optimized Space: Containers with high cubes make space efficient, reducing the requirement to ship multiple items and decreasing the shipping cost.
  4. Protection from damage: High-cube containers protect fragile and valuable items during transportation with their sturdy construction.
  5. Modification Options for Customization: Many high-cube storage containers can be customized and equipped with features such as hooks, shelves, and racks to help ensure the cargo is secured effectively.

Applications in Various Industries

commercial bar containerHigh cube containers are used in many industries:

  • Construction: Moving large construction machines and construction materials.
  • Automotive: Transporting vehicles safely across borders.
  • Retail: efficient transporting and storage of goods for retail distribution.
  • Agriculture: shipping agricultural machines and other produce.
  • Manufacturing: Transferring heavy machines and other equipment from manufacturing facilities.

Maintenance and Handling of High Cube Containers

Regular maintenance is crucial to prolong the life of high-cube containers. Regular inspections, prevention of rust, and maintaining the cleanliness of the container are essential actions. Containers with high cubes require special equipment due to their higher height. This should be taken into consideration in the loading and unloading process.

Sustainability Aspects of High Cube Containers

Specific high-cube containers are made of recycled materials, which aids in sustainable shipping methods. In addition, their ability to transport large quantities of cargo in one trip could reduce the carbon footprint of multiple shipping trips.

Innovations and Future Trends in Container Design

As technology improves, the design of containers is changing. Innovative materials, energy-efficient changes, and intelligent systems for tracking have been integrated to increase container transportation's safety, efficiency, and security.

Cost Considerations for High Cube Container Usage

High cube containers can provide advantages and cost a little more than standard containers due to their specific design. However, the capacity increase and the potential cost savings due to fewer shipments could make up for this initial expense.


In conclusion, high-cube containers can be a significant resource in the logistics and shipping industries, providing increased cargo capacity, flexible usage, and protection for different goods. Their unique design can address the issues of shipping heavy or oversized objects, making them the ideal option for businesses that require safe and efficient cargo transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell the difference in height between standard and high cube container sizes?

Tall cube containers have an average height of 9 ' 6, while standard containers have a height of 8 feet.

Are high-cube containers able to be modified to meet specific cargo requirements?

Many high-cube containers can be altered with features such as shelves and racks to hold different kinds of cargo.

Are high-cube containers more costly to operate than regular container sizes?

Yes, high cube containers may be slightly more expensive because of their unique design, but the potential savings on costs from fewer shipping trips can offset this.

Which industries profit the most from high-cube containers?

Initiatives such as construction and automotive and retail, agriculture, and manufacturing will find high-cube containers particularly beneficial for transporting heavy or bulky items.

What's the importance of sustainable practices for high-cube containers?

Some tall cube containers are constructed from recycled materials, contributing to sustainable shipping use. Their capacity is also greater, which aids by lowering carbon emissions with numerous trips.

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