Agriculture & Farm Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are ideal for life on the farm. They can be grown in, store harvests, shelter livestock, serve as equipment sheds and more. These affordable containers are available in 10, 20 or 40 foot lengths. Price one for your needs.

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Popular Container Uses

There are many uses for containers on the farm beyond just storing harvests or equipment. They're ideal for anything that needs to be kept safe and secure. Uses include but are not limited to:

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Available Storage Container Sizes

Storage containers come in three standard lengths with 20 and 40 foot being the most common. 10 foot containers are rare and less cost-effective per square foot when you factor in delivery.

Why are Containers Great on the Farm?

Shipping containers are often used on farms for a variety of purposes because they are durable, portable, and relatively inexpensive. Some of the ways in which shipping containers can be used on a farm include:


Shipping containers can be used to store a wide range of farm equipment, tools, and supplies. They are weather-resistant and can protect items from the elements.


Shipping containers can be converted into temporary or permanent housing for farm workers or as a place for farm visitors to stay. They can be outfitted with windows, doors, and other amenities to make them more comfortable.


Shipping containers can be used as a workshop or garage, providing a secure place to work on farm equipment and vehicles.

Animal housing

Shipping containers can be converted into housing for animals, such as chickens, goats, or pigs. They can be outfitted with windows, ventilation, and other features to create a suitable living environment.


Shipping containers can be used to create a greenhouse, providing a protected environment for growing plants.

Shipping containers are also relatively easy to transport, so they can be moved to different locations on the farm as needed.

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