Shipping Container Tiny Homes

Shipping container tiny homes are a growing trend as people look for housing alternatives. Containers are the perfect size for conversion into comfortable and stylish spaces, and offer several benefits, including cost-effectiveness, durability, and versatility. Price and customize one for your needs.

Popular Storage Container Uses

There are many uses for containers beyond just shipping goods. They are often used as storage units, both on a temporary and permanent basis. They are perfect for storing tools, equipment, and other items that need to be kept safe and secure. Uses include but are not limited to:

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Available Storage Container Sizes

Storage containers come in three standard lengths with 20 and 40 foot being the most common. 10 foot containers are rare and less cost-effective per square foot when you factor in delivery.

Why Choose a Shipping Container Tiny Home?

There are many reasons to choose a tiny home lifestyle. Below we'll focus on the benefits of creating a living space within a shipping container.

Easy to Install and Get Started

Shipping containers provide a prefabricated structure, originally designed for shipping, but now repurposed as a tiny home. All it takes is finding your preferred location, delivering one or more containers, and adding the finishing touches. This saves time, as you already have a complete shell, and the design can focus on making the space livable, such as adding windows and doors, skylights, insulation, and furnishings.


The living spaces in shipping containers offer an attractive alternative to traditional construction methods, as they are cost-effective and can save money on your home project. Shipping containers are readily available and can often be delivered within a few days. The cost of a shipping container can range from $1,400 to $6,500, and the cost of a small container home can range from $10,000 to $45,000, while a large container home can cost up to $100,000. Factors affecting the cost of your container home include the need for repair work, the quality of the container, the size of the container, the configuration, and whether you will complete the work yourself or hire an expert.

Low Maintenance

The ease of maintenance is a prominent benefit of a shipping container home. The containers are made of industrial-grade steel and corrugated panels, making them durable and weatherproof. They are also stackable and secure, ensuring the safety of your belongings. The surfaces of the container can be easily painted or cleaned to maintain longevity.

Scalable Configuration

The use of shipping containers allows for added versatility, as you can move from a single container to stacking several containers in any configuration you desire. The containers can be combined to accommodate a single tenant or a multi-unit apartment building.

Build What You Need

Preparing the space, installing utilities, and making any necessary modifications are all that is required to turn a shipping container into a comfortable living space. This eliminates the need for ground-up construction, which can be time-consuming and expensive.

Contemporary Design

With the right imagination, a shipping container home can be transformed into a stylish and modern living space. This fits with the trends of minimalism and eco-friendliness, as the shipping container is being upcycled. If plans change in the future, the container can be repurposed for other uses.

Easily Transported

Shipping container homes are becoming a popular choice among homeowners and business owners, as they are easily transported. If you need to move, the ability to do so quickly and easily is there.

Extremely Durable

The durability of shipping containers is one of the most notable benefits of creating a living space within one. These containers are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and tough environments, making them ideal for housing and keeping you and your belongings safe in extreme conditions. The metal construction of a shipping container home offers benefits such as pest and mold resistance, fire resistance, and immunity to rotting.


Another significant benefit of a shipping container home is increased versatility. The interior can be fully customized with shelving, seating, and other amenities, allowing you to make the space as comfortable as you need. Whether you're looking for a place to rest during

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